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HANDSPUN YARN: Where Does Craft End and Art Begin?


Many cultures do not distinguish between “art” and “craft” and I hope our culture will soon evolve to a similar point of view.

Art is frequently at its best when inspired by something “small” “low” “casual” or “informal”.

I hear inspiration in the classical lieder i used to sing.  though many were songs based on folk tunes, composers would take these simple melodies and transform them. 

I taste inspiration in the restaurants of new york that take a “low” food like ramen or pizza and bring the meal up to the level of a feast.  

And everywhere I look: in museums, in galleries, and in the work of private artists who keep their work at home, I see everyday objects transformed by a creative idea and a new perspective.

Maupston Design Studio is a collection of artists and designers who want to blur the distinction between art and craft.  


We want to

touch the art

admire the craft

and above all respect creative inspiration, even when it shows up

in something as small as a bundle of wool.