TEMARI is a centuries old art from Japan.  Tightly wrapped yarn and thread surround a core containing a bell box and paper or rice hulls.  Once the sphere is constructed, it is "measured" with a strip of paper, marked with pins and embroidered with colorful geometric patterns.  They frequently symbolize joy, and I have yet to meet someone who does not love to hold a temari!

I enjoy working with both traditional and non traditional design in my temari.  Some, such as the Kiku, are very traditional; and some, like "polyphemus moth" are non symmetrical, non traditional and completely original.

I do use a bell in my temari, so they all chime or rattle when shaken.  I create my temari with a core bell box, crumpled paper, wool yarn, both bulky and fine, and about 2,000 yds of sewing machine thread for the exterior "skin" of the ball.  I embroider with cotton, metallic and silk threads.

Lessons are available on request.


Rose Kiku 2015